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Useful resources related to PUSD public meetings, academy performance, financial status, etc.

Poway Unified School District Public Meetings

  1. PUSD Board of Education Meetings

  1. PUSD Board Advisory Committee Meetings

PUSD Academy Performance

  1. District and School Reports

PUSD Educational Technology

  1. PUSD 2015-2016 Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) Final Recommendations

PUSD Financial Data

  1. PUSD Financial from 2005-2006 School Year to Present

  1. PUSD 2011 Capital Appreciation Bonds Debt Service Schedule

Debt Service Schedule

  1. Salary of PUSD Teachers, Principals and Superintendents

  1. PUSD Teachers’ Salary Schedule

Educational Technology

  1. Computers ‘Do Not Improve’ Pupil Results, Says OECD

  1. OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development): New Approach Needed to Deliver on Technology Potential in Schools

“But students who use computers very frequently at school do much worse, even after accounting for social background and student demographics.”

  1. South Korea’s Digital Textbook Initiative 2007-2012

  1. Global Myopia Epidemic among Children and Teens

  1. Internet Addiction among Children and Teens

  1. Internet Addiction Disorder

  1. Internet Addiction in the US