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1. Parents band together to celebrate Lunar New Year


Note: PPG was featured in this article.  Partnering with school libraries, PPG Library Team launched inaugural Lunar New Year Awareness Week across schools in PUSD to promote greater cultural education.

2. 2015-12-30 PUSD New Board President


Note: PPG was mentioned.  PPG Library Team spoke for the third time at the December 15, 2015 PUSD Board meeting urging restoration of school library fund.

3. 2015-05-21 Time for the Poway Unified Board to Crack the Whip


Note: Mr. Tom Moore was one of the ten members from PPG speaking at the May 18 PUSD Board Meeting.

4. 2015-05-19 Pay raises granted for all Poway Unified employees


Note: Ten members of PPG spoke at the May 18, 2015 PUSD board meeting urging for fiscal responsibility.  Please view Readers’ Comments: Where was the “Student First”?  $7,000 to improve students’ once-a-week library visit instead of once-every-2-weeks? Or give Superintendent a raise to his already-higher-than-President-of-United-States $400,000 income? What’s your answer?

5. 2015-05-04 Poway Unified, teachers reach tentative 2014-15 accord


Note: The newly emerged PUSD Parents Group (PPG) was mentioned in the article.  We are a fast growing group of PUSD parents and community members.  Post your name to show support for our community and fiscal responsibility here .

6. John Riley’s Facebook


7. John Riley’s Blog


PPG Organized Presentations at PUSD Board Meetings

1.      2015-12-15 PUSD Board Meeting


Four parents and students from PPG, together with two members from RBHS Friends of the Library, spoke at the Public Comments session urging the board to restore library funding.  PPG presentations started at 1:24.

2.      2015-11-16 PUSD Board Meeting


Five parents and students from PPG spoke at the Public Comments session urging the board to restore library funding.  PPG presentations started at 1:28.

3.      2015-10-19 PUSD Board Meeting


Four parents from PPG spoke at the Public Comments session urging the board to add AP Mandarin course in Westview High School, restore library funding and support Mandarin immersion program.  PPG presentations started at 1:29.

4.      2015-06-15 PUSD Special Board Meeting


Five members of PPG spoke at the LCAP session urging the board to maintain a balanced budget, reduce class size, and increase spending for libraries, buses, music and PE programs, as well as children with dyslexia.  PPG presentations started at 0:24.

5.      2015-05-18 PUSD Board Meeting


PPG debuted as a group at the May 18, 2015 board meeting with ten members speaking at the Public Comments session urging fiscal responsibility.  PPG presentations started at 1:09.

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