Promoting Healthy Lifestyle for All Students (IV) – Keep Myopia Away in Digital Age

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PUSD Parents Group supports appropriate implementation of educational technology and promotes healthy lifestyle for all school children.

To support this effort, in its 3rd annual Keep Myopia Away campaign from March to April 2017, PPG will co-host with Champions for Health a joint Live Well San Diego forum on Keep Myopia Away in Digital Age for school children at 7- 9pm Saturday April 22, 2017, aiming to raise public awareness of the escalation of myopia among school children and young adults.  Online registration is due Wednesday April 19, 2017.

March is national Save Your Vision Month.  This year American Optometric Association is promoting public awareness of Computer Vision Syndrome (also known as digital eyestrain).  For more information, visit: .

Our children’s eyes are precious.  Let’s take good care of them. Online Registration here


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