John P. Riley

JR-casual-head-shot-300x300PUSD teachers do outstanding work and are deserving of a raise.  But is this a fiscally responsible decision? 

PUSD is running a $21M/yr deficit and has seriously eroded reserves over the past 3 years.  This is an unsustainable trajectory and must be corrected. 

In the aftermath of the $1 Billion Bond, we need a transparent financial strategy with strong citizen oversight of PUSD spending of taxpayer dollars.  Trimming low priority spending as a pay-go measure to fund these raises should be the minimum requirement. 

Ultimately PUSD needs to implement a Citizen Budget Review Committee to go through the budget with a fine tooth comb, prioritize spending, trim low priorities and waste, replenish reserves and deliver a balanced budget to the board for approval.  This process is a proven winner for the City of Poway.  We can embrace Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency while rewarding our best employees all at the same time. 

Do we have the leadership to make it happen?

John P. Riley

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