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School Myopia: A Preventable and Reversible Modern Epidemic

By Dr. Jessica Xu Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, has become a global epidemic, especially among children and teens. In the United States and Europe, incidents of myopia among young adults have reached 50% in 2015, doubled the rate sixty years ago.  In some Asia countries, the situation is much worse.  In China, prevalence of myopia among young adults in cities is 90%, sur...
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Promoting Healthy Lifestyle for All Students (V) – Keep Myopia Away in Digital Age

PUSD Parents Group promotes healthy lifestyle for all PUSD students. To support this effort, PPG hosts an annual two-month Keep Myopia Away in Digital Age public health campaign to raise public awareness of the escalation of Computer Vision Syndrome and myopia (nearsightedness) among children and teens.  Check out digital visual hygiene techniques in PPG March newsletter and other eye health tips ...
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Second Annual Meeting

Thank you to all PPG members and invited guests who came out to our 2nd Annual Meeting at the beautiful Lake Poway! Huge thanks to California Senator Toni Atkins for providing certificates to our student artists who participated in PPG’s 3rd annual Student Mandarin Initiative Poster Competition in support of greater cultural education in PUSD.  Huge thanks to Adobe Bluffs Elementary School repr...
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