PPG Newsletter Issue No. 41-42

PPG Community Events Update

By Dr. Jessica Xu

Summer is just around the corner and PPG is still in urgent need of volunteers.  We are seeking five more volunteers with experienced leadership skills to join our executive team: VP of Community Outreach, VP of Fundraising, VP of Legal Affairs, Project Lead for Public Oversight of PUSD Financials, and Project Lead for Supporting Spanish Initiative.  If interested, email info@pusdparents.org.  Please include relevant experience, your goals for the position and mark the subject line accordingly.

Congratulations to the winners of Student Mandarin Initiative Poster Contest 2018!  We received 124 entries from students in nine of PUSD schools last October.  School exhibits will be arranged after summer break.  Also a huge thank you to Dr. Yan Yang for organizing the contest and four art teachers, Kunyuan Mao of UCSD Art Department, Dan Li of Dan's Art Studio, Mrs. Tina Tai of Jewish Academy and Ms. Alice Yang, for volunteering as judges.

The fifth annual Student Mandarin Initiative Poster Contest has begun.  Check out the flyer for details.  All students in the PUSD are welcome to enter the contest.  For questions, contact Dr. Yan Yang at yangyancici@gmail.com .

Summer is the perfect time to boost your kids’ visual hygiene.  The latest research demonstrates that myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, can be reversed and cured naturally through appropriate adjustment of visual behavior and lifestyle.  However, it is difficult and expensive to correct problematic behavior, which requires complex analysis and extensive personalized training.  It is much easier and free to prevent myopia development by training kids from a young age to have good visual hygiene: Read at a good distance, take frequent breaks while reading, minimize screen time, and have at least one-hour outdoor time every day.  Outdoor summer activities and camps are particularly beneficial. 

Unplug, get out and enjoy summer fun.  See you in the fall.

[Erratum:  In the article “School Myopia: A Preventable and Reversible Modern Epidemic” (PPG Newsletter Issue 40, February 7, 2019),  the corrected sentence should be “A myopic eye is approximately one millimeter longer axially than a normal eye per three minus diopter.”]


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