Keep Myopia Away in Digital Age

 7pm-9pm, April 22, 2017

Dr. Greg Ostrow, MD, an expert pediatric ophthalmologist of Scripps ( ) will join Drs. Max Parikh, MD and Robert Joyce, OD for the presentation.  Hurry, space is limited. 

Online registration is due Wednesday April 19: .

Drs. Max Parikh, Robert Joyce and Gregory Ostrow will discuss challenges in myopia prevention among school children and teens and address following frequently asked questions:  Does 20-20-20 rule actually work to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome and myopia (nearsightedness) in children and teens?  What can you do if your child has Computer Vision Syndrome?  If outdoor activity helps, how much is needed everyday to effectively prevent myopia?  Does CRT slow down myopia progression or does it provide only temporary relief?  What new policies shall be enacted in schools to protect school children's visual health?  And more.  You don't want to miss it!

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