PPG Newsletter Issue No. 14

PPG Community Events Update

By PUSD Parents Group

We hope that everyone had a great 4th of July long weekend!  PPG’s joint student mental health seminar “Anxiety and Depression in Children and Teens” on June 25 was a great success. We would like to thank our co-organizer Champions for Health, guest speaker Dr. Larry Schmitt, and Live Well San Diego for making this event a reality.  We would like to thank our community partner Rancho Penasquitos Town Council and ZCode Media for co-promoting the event, PUSD trustees Kimberley Beatty, Charles Sellers and TJ Zane for attending the event to show their support to this important issue.  Particularly, we would like to thank all PPG parent volunteers for their hard work.  For photo gallery of the event, visit PPG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PUSDParentsGroup/ .


End of School Year Report 2015-2016

By PUSD Parents Group

The PPG has experienced an amazing first school year.  Started by a dozen grassroots parents in May 2015, PPG has grown to a group with more than one thousand followers.  As of June 2016, PPG has voluntary parent representatives in 30 out of all 38 TK-12 schools in PUSD.  The PPG welcomed ten more volunteers to serve on PPG board and executive team: John Riley, Richard Manson, Cathy Hou, Lei Xu, Sunny Rickard, Gabriela Dow, Michelle Perry, Yan Yang, Frida Brunzell and Anna Quint.  For biographies of PPG’s dedicated volunteer-based executive team, visit http://pusdparents.org/executives/ .

In addition, PPG expanded its district-wide initiatives from two to eight.  The current eight initiatives are Public Oversight of PUSD Financials, Appropriate Implementation of Educational Technology, Supporting Mandarin Initiative, Supporting Spanish Immersion Program, Restoring School Library Funding, Advocate for GATE Restoration, Evaluating Common Core, and Promoting Literacy for All Student.  For scopes and goals of PPG’s eight initiatives, visit http://pusdparents.org/current-initiatives/.

From July 2015 to June 2016, PPG successfully organized seven district-wide events and campaigns to promote better education and better health for all students in PUSD: Inaugural Keep Myopia Away campaign, Meet & Greet, Inaugural Annual Supporting Mandarin Initiative Student Poster Competition, Petition to Restore Library Funding, Inaugural Lunar New Year Awareness Week, Second Annual Keep Myopia Away Campaign, and Student Mental Health Seminar.  These events attracted hundreds of attendees and participants, including parents, students, community members and several public elected officials.

Still, PPG is new to the PUSD community.  Many in the community have not heard about PPG.  We surely need more outreach to the community.  There are many ways you can help us.

•    If you haven’t, please like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PUSDParentsGroup/ . We truly hope that PPG Facebook will provide an active and interactive platform for all members.

•    Invite your friends and neighbors to join us and sign up for free PPG Newsletter: http://pusdparents.org/join-us/ .  We have strength in numbers.  With greater support from parents, we can enact greater change.

•    Invite your friends and neighbors to attend and participate in PPG’s public events.  We strive to provide informative seminars on education and education-related health issues, as well as district-wide events promoting better education for all students.  We announce PPG public events through PPG newsletter, PPG Facebook, and various community and social media.

•    Join PPG volunteer team.  PPG relies 100% on support from parent volunteers.  The vast majority of PPG volunteers are working parents with extremely hectic family-work schedules.  The more volunteers, the more feasible it would be for everyone. We appreciate everyone’s contribution.  To become a PPG volunteer, email info@pusdparents.org .

We will have many community events in the coming semester.  Following are the four major ones.

•    PPG 2nd Annual Student Mandarin Initiative Poster Competition during July to September 2016.  PPG supports innovative curriculum initiatives and greater cultural education.  To support this effort, PPG hosts an Annual Student Mandarin Initiative Poster Competition to promote the potential Mandarin language immersion program in PUSD.  Our second annual student poster competition starts this month.  All students in PUSD are welcome to enter the competition.  The deadline for submission is Friday September 23, 2016.  Online submission is http://pusdparents.org/2nd-asmispc/ .

•    2016 Poway Parade on September 10, 2106.  This year’s Poway Parade theme is Literacy. PPG is excited to participate in the parade to promote literacy for all PUSD students.  We are calling more parents to join us for this fun event.  To join PPG team at Poway Parade, please email info@pusdparents.org .

•    Dyslexia Simulation on September 24, 2016.  PPG is hosting a joint Dyslexia Simulation seminar with International Dyslexia Association on Saturday, September 24, 2016.  Dyslexia affects approximately 20% of the population and early intervention makes a huge difference.  PPG believes that all students have a fundamental right to obtain the literacy skills necessary to lead a productive life.  In accordance with this belief, PPG supports early identification and intervention of learning disability such as dyslexia to ensure that every child becomes a proficient reader.  Save the date!

•    Inaugural PPG Annual Member Meeting in October 2016.  PPG is going to have its inaugural Annual Member Meeting in mid-October!  We are going to announce the result of PPG’s first board election, summarize PPG’s past achievement and provide outlook for the coming year.  Most importantly, this will be a great opportunity for PPG members to network with each other and have fun!  Stay tuned for more details.

As always, we hope to see you at these and other PPG public events.

On behalf of PPG board and executive team, we wish everyone a great summer!

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PUSD Parents Group (PPG) is a fast emerging citizen group that seriously loves our Poway Unified School District (PUSD) and our community. We welcome all PUSD stakeholders within our community. Our mission is to strengthen the voice of our community. Our efforts are aimed at those who make change happen: PUSD parents, students, teachers and taxpayers. We highly value fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency and all things that will demonstrate PUSD honesty and reliable communication with the community.