Season’s Greetings

By Dr. Jessica Xu 

It is with joy and pride that I review the amazing journey of PUSD Parents Group in the past seven months.

Emerging in a spontaneous grassroots petition started in late April, PPG has grown rapidly to a community group with more one thousand followers and supporters.  Along the way, PPG has expanded its scope from urging fiscal responsibility to advocating seven initiatives at the district level, as well as organizing community events promoting quality education.

PPG is now considering incorporation as a nonprofit organization. PPG appreciates monetary donations to support the incorporation and community events.  To make a donation, please visit .  Thank you for your generosity in supporting our community.

The holiday season is here.  On behalf of the board and executives of PPG, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

Safe and Creative Personalized Education (IV)


By Ms. Cathy Hou and Mr. Richard Mason

What good is a library without books? That could be the plight of PUSD school libraries. Back in 2000, $25 per student was allocated for books for the school libraries. Since then the allocations have been steadily reduced to zero.

Consequently, parents have rolled up their sleeves, mounting a host of fund raisers for school library books. School principals have chipped in with money from their lottery funds. Library techs have run book fairs with the proceeds going for books. One library tech has a used book sale every week after school to raise funds. The nonfiction resource selection in school libraries is especially out of date. Parents and students have also reported that the books are torn and dirty.

This results in a somewhat chaotic and uncertain state of book financing. That is why PPG has joined with RBHS Friendsof the Library in requesting a line item in the yearly PUSD budget for books for school libraries. Representatives of these organizations have appeared before the Board of Education as far back as 2007, this year scheduling presentations at the October, November, and December Board meetings.

Reading is essential for all students, but especially so for elementary school children. “When I read, I feel happy and smarter,” said a second grade little girl who spoke to support restoring library funding at November 16 PUSD Board of Education meeting. 

On November 9, PPG initiated a petition for the Board of Education to restore library book funding starting. Within one week, over 350 parents and supporters from the community signed the petition on-line and off-line. The petition is on-going until December PUSD Board of Education meeting on December 15. Please forward this petition by adding your signature today!  

In addition, PPG is concerned about the lack of school library leadership in PUSD management team, as well as the difference in library resource service ratio across schools.  If more parents pay attention to school libraries, PPG believes that together we can make PUSD school libraries better for all students. 

About the authors:

Ms. Cathy Hou is mother of one PUSD student and an active volunteer at PTA. Active in the community, she organizes Little Readers’ ReadingClubs to encourage building healthy reading habit in preschoolers and kindergartners.

Mr. Richard Mason is a prominent community volunteer.  Among his many community services, he founded Rancho Bernardo HighSchool Friends of the Library in 2004.  He was inducted to Rancho Bernardo Hall of Fame in 2014 for his contributions to the community. 

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Safe and Creative Personalized Education (V): GATE Programs in PUSD 

Support Restoring School Library Funding

A second grader, one of the three student speakers from Stone Ranch Elementary School, spoke to support restoring school library funding at the November 16 PUSD Board of Education meeting.

PUSD Parents Group (PPG) is a fast emerging citizen group that seriously loves our Poway Unified School District (PUSD) and our community. We welcome all PUSD stakeholders within our community. Our mission is to strengthen the voice of our community. Our efforts are aimed at those who make change happen: PUSD parents, students, teachers and taxpayers. We highly value fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency and all things that will demonstrate PUSD honesty and reliable communication with the community.